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5 Simple Tips For Photographing Children At Your Home


As a photographer, I have had the chance to take many photos of children. What is the secret to taking great photos at home? The key is to take a large amount of photos, enjoy what you are doing and have fun!

5 simple tips for photographing children at home:

  1. Good lighting is key for portraits

Find a room in your home with window lighting. You want to be able to see the light in someone’s eyes and a glow in their face.

  1. Backdrop: keep it simple

A plain or brick backdrop works best. Find an wall in your home that isn’t too distracting and make sure it is near a window.

  1. Natural poses

I normally have children sit on a stool or on the floor. Position them cross-legged at first – this will normally last for a couple of minutes, but after that they will move around to a position they are comfortable with.

  1. Be trigger happy!

I am constantly shooting when it comes to children and I am always ready to go. These days everything is digital so we can always look at the photos later and delete the unwanted ones. Children move so fast so you want to capture each expression they bring to the shoot.

  1. Interact with your child

Ask them questions. For example, ask about their favourite movie, what they like to do, or their favourite character. When you keep them entertained, they won’t even realize they are on a photoshoot and that is the best time to take the photo. I always find that when I say “ I’m coming to tickle you!” they have the best smiles. Your best trick is to be silly with them and have fun. To keep them involved, show them the photos in your camera of themselves. They really love that.

Happy shooting, everyone! For more information check out Stacey’s website www.staceynaglie.com or email her at stacey@staceynaglie.com for any questions.