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Finding the Right Nanny for your Family


Thinking that a nanny is the best option for childcare needs and don’t know where to start or what to look into? Here are some basic tips when starting your hunt for the perfect caregiver for your family.

Where do we start to look?
Ask your friends and family who have nannies; ask nannies in your area if they know anyone; go to local Facebook community pages, like Lawrence Park Community. You can also use an agency to help you recruit, especially if time is a limitation.

What are your childcare needs?
Before looking, jot down your family childcare needs. Start with what a typical day looks like: pick up/ drop offs at preschool, house cleaning, meal prep, feeding your child and bathing them, for example. Do your children have allergies that require special attention? Do you need a nanny that drives?

Interviewing nannies.
When meeting with nannies, ask a lot of questions about their previous experience. Ask them what they would do in certain scenerios. Make sure that you always check references of previous childcare employment. You will get a good sense of the nanny from chatting with a former employers.

Once you have found a nanny/ nannies that you like, do a trial. Have the nanny come in for an afternoon to see how she interacts with your kids. Leave them alone for a few hours. If you have a child that’s old enough, ask her or him how it went. Don’t be afraid to let your child guide you. It is important that your children feel comfortable around their caregiver.

How much is it to employ a nanny?
Cost is a big component to choosing a type of nanny: live-in or live-out. How much do nannies get paid per hour? Minimum wage now is $11.54. Hourly rate before taxes are deducted for nannies can vary based on experience from $15 to $20 an hour. Live in nannies are generally less expensive as they live with you; however you are no longer permitted to deduct room in board.

Found the perfect nanny?
Go online and create a business account so you are all set up to pay for your nanny’s taxes. Employing a nanny is like owning a business and paying for employees taxes.

Other helpful tips.
Be realistic with your expectations. A nanny becomes a member of the family. It is sometimes good to create a training manual. Create a contract between you and your nanny and include details regarding things like vacation days– is the nanny required to take vacation at the same time as you? Can she or he carry over vacation days?

Happy Hunting!