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Welcome to Ava's Help

I’m a mother of three kids under the age of five. I wasn’t looking to start a brand new business – believe me. But as my kids grew (and multiplied!) I needed help and finding it proved to be difficult. I managed as best as I could, often utilizing family wherever possible. The whole process was an exercise in trial and error.

Unless you’re using an agency to help you with your nanny search (which can be quite expensive, and prohibitive for many families), or happen to come across an available nanny by word of mouth, most parents don’t have the time, resources or experience to navigate the world of finding a kind and reliable nanny. Those services that do exist are geared toward assisting families with their search for full time help and do not facilitate with the search for temporary or short term help.

Over time I have built a strong, reliable network of trustworthy nannies and sitters, which naturally evolved into helping friends and friends of friends in need.

As most Canadians know, finding good childcare is both scarce and costly. And as I appreciated this fact more and more, I decided that I wanted to bridge this gap in our system and started working on this business. Shortly thereafter, my five year old sidekick/not-so-silent partner suggested it should be named after her since she was the reason it all got going in the first place. Soon after, my fourth child – Ava’s Help – was born!

So there you have it. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for parents to access quality babysitters at the click of a button. And there is no need to wait for confirmation as the database provides live availability.