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What to Look for When Choosing a Daycare for Your Child

Daycares, Toronto
Finding a daycare for your child can be overwhelming. Although children usually quickly adjust, are well entertained and highly stimulated, the steps taken to find the right daycare will be fraught with decisions. Here are a few tips to consider when researching daycares near you, in no particular order. Location: For me, this is an important one. I would suggest picking a daycare location that fits your family’s needs. Does it make sense to have the daycare close to home so others can help with pick up and drop off? Or would having the daycare closer to work make more sense, so you can get to your child faster if there is a need in the middle of the day. If a daycare seems exceptionally...

Ava’s Help: Toronto Camp Guide 2017

Summer 2017
It’s that time of year when parents start thinking about SUMMER! Yes, before you know it, that school bell will be ringing and your kids will be running into your arms for 8 whole weeks :) Some of us cringe at the thought of this, others can't wait. Either way, some of you are thinking about what to do with those lovely little people. So, I have put together a North Toronto camp guide. Email me at amy@avashelp.com if you feel like I am missing or have gotten some details wrong; I’m still learning how to be a camp mom! Also, don't be afraid to do NOTHING during the summer -- sometimes it can be even more fun. Click on the link below for full listing of...

5 Simple Tips For Photographing Children At Your Home

As a photographer, I have had the chance to take many photos of children. What is the secret to taking great photos at home? The key is to take a large amount of photos, enjoy what you are doing and have fun! 5 simple tips for photographing children at home: Good lighting is key for portraits Find a room in your home with window lighting. You want to be able to see the light in someone’s eyes and a glow in their face. Backdrop: keep it simple A plain or brick backdrop works best. Find an wall in your home that isn’t too distracting and make sure it is near a window. Natural poses I normally have children sit on a stool or on the...

Looking for a date night with some mystery and surprise?

Check out The Secret Sessions: THE MOVIE EXPERIENCE. What is The MOVIE EXPERIENCE by The Secret Sessions? Picture this: watching a movie while also getting to be on set and interacting live  with the characters from the movie. So, is it like I am in the movie? Yes! Everyone is part of the cast, including you ;) What movie is it? Now that’s part of the surprise – but you’ll have some hints along the way. Guessing is part of the fun! What instructions will I receive? After you buy your ticket you will be told what you need to wear/ bring, then 1 days before the event, the exact location will be revealed. What happens if I don’t follow the instructions? This is meant...