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Ava’s Help: Toronto Camp Guide 2017

Summer 2017
It’s that time of year when parents start thinking about SUMMER! Yes, before you know it, that school bell will be ringing and your kids will be running into your arms for 8 whole weeks :) Some of us cringe at the thought of this, others can't wait. Either way, some of you are thinking about what to do with those lovely little people. So, I have put together a North Toronto camp guide. Email me at amy@avashelp.com if you feel like I am missing or have gotten some details wrong; I’m still learning how to be a camp mom! Also, don't be afraid to do NOTHING during the summer -- sometimes it can be even more fun. Click on the link below for full listing of...

Furnishing a Family Home? You Don’t Have to Order From the Kids Menu

“I have to admit, I dream of decorating our home with the type of furniture that is banned for people with kids, cats, dogs (or a husband)”. Has this thought ever crossed your mind? As an Interior Decorator, and a mom, I am the receiver of many whispered confessions; the secret desire to decorate your home in velvet, high gloss surfaces and pure pure white. I get it. I’ve been there. I’m there. But don’t let go of those dreams! Your children are going to be living, eating and playing (aka jumping, spilling and destroying) under your roof for at least another 18 years. Enjoy your home now and make it work for your lifestyle as it is defined today. It is possible to create...

Mommies: Own the Jeans and Tee!

Meet Aliya Charania, owner of True You Image Consulting & Make Up Artistry! She will be blogging regularly on hot topics related to fashion and image! Becoming a mom is a magical event, so body image should be the last thing on your mind. You’re alreay dealing with enough change—add in the body image drama and now you’re scared to death of fashion, image and beauty. But remember, while you’re transitioning into your new look and body, you can easily tweak your post-prego look and feel as fashionable as you did before! The standard pairing of jeans and a tee may seem boring and basic; however, using these five add‑ons will take the classic duo from drab to fab: Play up your makeup – Never underestimate the power...