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Parent FAQs

Ava's Help for Parents

Parents will be able to start booking sitters in a few weeks. Find the most trusted sitters in your community. Review detailed profiles and sitter ratings. Book sitters based on availability. Once registered, searching for a qualified sitter will never have been so easy. Sign up for a monthly membership.

1. Who are your babysitters??

Our babysitters are from all different backgrounds – from full time nannies who are looking for part time help opportunities to ECE students looking for work while studying. We even have moms and daycare workers who are looking for extra work. We can connect you to a vast array of reliable and qualified sitters!

2. Why is there a range in hourly fees per babysitter??

The hourly wage is set by our babysitters. They are not our employees – we merely provide a platform for parents and babysitters to connect.

3. How do I pay my sitter??

You have the choice to pay the babysitters by cash or via their online sitter account. Please note that any agreement of payment of transportation home should be discussed in advance of booking.

4. What if I want to tip??

You are welcome to tip.

5. Are there restrictions on how many babysitters I can use through Ava’s Help??

No! We have an extensive list of experienced and professional sitters. If you have found a few sitters you prefer, you are more than welcome to continue to use them regularly. Or you can try different sitters based on their availability.

6. Am I free to contact my babysitter outside of Ava’s Help??

We do not encourage this as per our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We have worked hard to create a resource for parents to access quality sitters quickly in a convenient online platform, with scheduling and review capabilities. We hope that you continue to use Ava’s Help for your childcare needs, and respect our mission to connect parents with the right sitter with ease.

7. What if we come home earlier or later than we booked for??

When booking babysitters, we assume you are making the most accurate estimate of your time as possible. Babysitters understand that you may be later or earlier than initially planned; please try your best to be respectful of the Sitter’s schedule by adhering to the estimated time you provided in advance. Communicate if you are going to be late or early to the babysitter.